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2009-10-26 19:23:41 by AxijeN

Alrighty. I set up a brand new Music Myspace, make sure you add and follow me on there! Facebook and Twitter might come later, I dunno, I still thinking. With the new contract I got with Psychedelic Panda, I got access to some pro material, and am going into training to learn how to work a basic table. (Mixer, EQ, TK9, turnable)

Songs on this profile are no longer going to be full mp3's. They will only be cuts and demos, full tracks will be available in my Soundloud account. My new official album that's currently in the works, "Bumperglitz", is going to be for sale there for $10.00, while individual songs are $1.00. A reasonable price, I think! (The account is completely set up yet, and besides; not all the songs are finished anyway!)

So yeah, send me comments, messages and love. I like to read your thoughts (lol) and almost always reply!


Update and stuff


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2009-12-15 16:03:30

dude, you should do the art portal.


2010-06-17 01:50:08

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